Neepawa’s Framework For Our Future

Town of Neepawa Vision

The Town of Neepawa will continue to grow into a diverse community that supports unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

Town of Neepawa Mission

∗ Provide beneficial and essential services within our community.

∗ Promote growth of a safe community and support a quality lifestyle.

∗ Engage residents and businesses to invest their time and effort in our community.

∗ Achieve accountability and results through proactive decision making and policy development.


Ensure decisions are aligned with our Vision and Mission.

Respect the diversity of cultures past, present and future.

Support current and future policy development within local planning documents under the guidance of the Provincial Land Use Policies.

Acknowledge we are a major supplier of direct and indirect services to our trade area.

Plan for a diverse population.

Engage community in decision-making.

Strengthen a sense of community through public interaction.

Focus on adding value to the quality of life and Enhance understanding of the importance of planned development to long-term economic health and community development.


Well Managed Growth

Objective: To give Council options to provide development ready lands for industrial/ commercial/residential growth, including investing in infrastructure and planning methods.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Objective: To insure that our physical assets are maintained within best practice principles.

Economic Prosperity

Objective: To aggressively pursue means to advance industrial/commercial/business development in order to more equitably distribute the tax base and create local employment opportunities.

Fiscal Responsibility

Objective: To improve services to community by establishing a fiscal sustainability framework which integrates the four Strategic Goals.