Official Website of Town of Neepawa

Town Council (2018 – 2022)

L-R: Councillor Darryl Gerrard, Deputy Mayor Brian Hedley, Councillor Jason Nadeau, Mayor Blake McCutcheon, Councillor Marijka Kostenchuk, Councillor Darren Pudlo, Councillor Murray Parrott


Blake McCutcheon 476-3098
Brian Hedley 476-0194
Darryl Gerrard 476-6172
Marijka Kostenchuk 476-5692
Jason Nadeau 841-3985
Murray Parrott 476-6267
Darren Pudlo 476-5861

Committee of the Whole: All members of Council

Board of Revision: All members of Council (Mayor McCutcheon – Chair; CAO Synchyshyn – Secretary)

Human Resources Committee: Mayor McCutcheon & Councillor Gerrard

General Government & Finance Committee: Councillor Gerrard (Chair) & Deputy Mayor Hedley.

  • Neepawa Area Planning District (NAPD): Mayor McCutcheon & Councillor Parrott
  • County Court Building: Councillor Gerrard & Councillor Kostenchuk
  • Sayward Estate Management: Mayor McCutcheon & Deputy Mayor Hedley
  • Federation of Canadian Municipalities: General membership

Protection & Community Services Committee: Deputy Mayor Hedley (Chair) & Councillor Gerrard

  • Neepawa Veterinary Services District: Councillor Gerrard
  • Home Assistance Neepawa & Distict (HAND): Deputy Mayor Hedley
  • Neepawa & Area Disabled Persons Association:  Councillor Kostenchuk
  • Physician Recruitment Committee: Councillor Parrott
  • Spruce Plains Justice Committee: Councillor Nadeau

Public Works & Infrastructure Committee: Councillor Parrott(Chair) & Councillor Kostenchuk

  • Evergreen Environmental Technologies: Mayor McCutcheon
  • TransCanada Yellowhead Highway Assocation: General membership

Recreation & Economic Development Committee: Councillor Pudlo (Chair) & Councillor Nadeau

  • Western Regional Library & Neepawa Library: Councillor Nadeau & Hector Swanson (Citizen Rep.)
  • Whitemud Watershed Conservation District: Bill Stilwell (Citizen Rep.)
  • Neepawa Area Development Corporation (NADCO): Councillor Parrott & Deputy Mayor Hedley
  • Yellowhead Centre: Councillor Pudlo
  • Yellowhead Economic Corridor: Councillor Parrott
  • Rossburn Subdivision Trails Association: Councillor Nadeau