The Town of Neepawa has contracted the Recycle and Garbage collection to OSS WASTE DISPOSAL LTD. for the period January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024.

2024 Collection Calendars: Zone 1 | Zone 2 | Commercial 

  • All carts must be put out by 6:00 a.m. for collection
  • Carts must be on the street with silver handles facing the street
  • Carts must be spaced 2 to 3 feet apart and away from obstructions
  • Carts are to be kept clean inside – regularly washed & sanitized
  • Only carts provided by the Town/OSS will be collected.
  • Glass Pickup will remain the 1st Tuesday of each month, collected by Town staff. DO NOT put glass in your recycling cart.
  • Shredded paper CAN be recycled, however it must be contained in a recyclable bag.
  • Rice bags are NOT RECYCLABLE
  • The OSS trucks are equipped with camera monitoring so that complaints can quickly be resolved.
  • This is not a door to door collection service and every property is responsible for ensuring their carts are placed on the street for collection and removed back to private property after collection day.

If you require more space than your garbage cart allows you have a few options:
– increase your recycling output (Sorted recycling can also be dropped off at the depot located by the water tower at 124 Gill Drive) and ensure that boxes are broken down
– take appropriate food wastes to the compost site (vegetable and fruit scraps or rice)
– excess bags of garbage can be delivered to Evergreen Environmental Technologies free of charge for Town of Neepawa residents

Used Cooking Oil & Grease
Used cooking oil and grease MUST NOT BE FLUSHED OR PUT DOWN THE DRAIN, but should be cooled and returned to the original container or another container and either disposed of in the garbage. In the case of large amounts, taken directly to the used cooking oil recycling depot located at Evergreen Environmental Technologies Ltd.

Residents are encouraged to recycle. Materials do not need to be sorted, however all products should be rinsed. Glass is picked up separately on the first Tuesday of each month.

What can I recycle?

Most packaging and paper can be collected in your residential recycling program. Search for material using the Recyclepedia, or scroll down to view a summary of accepted materials.

Used Oil, Oil Filters, Antifreeze, Transmission & Hydraulic Fluid
Can be dropped off at the Eco-Center, located at Provost Signs on Airport Road.

Hazardous Waste (batteries, paint, chemical), Tires, Old Appliances, Electronics, Construction & Demolition Materials
All materials that are not household garbage or recycling must be taken directly to Evergreen Environmental Technologies (hyperlink There is a charge for construction and demolition materials of $85 per tonne.

Click here to view the policy.

Cell Phones
A drop off box is located at the Municipal Office – 275 Hamilton Street, where old wireless devices and their accessories will be accepted, regardless of brand or condition. After your device is received, it is sent to a processor where it can be refurbished or broken down and recycled. The Town of Neepawa encourages members of the community to take a few moments to reflect on some of the simple things they can do to help protect the environment for future generations. Thinking green doesn’t need to be complicated, and keeping old cell phones out of our landfills couldn’t be easier! Help the Town of Neepawa go green by dropping off your old cell phones! Accepted items include: cell phones, smartphones, wireless PDAs and pagers (as well as their batteries and accessories).

Leaves, grass, household compost and garden waste can be bagged in COMPOSTABLE / BIODEGRADABLE bags and left curbside for spring and fall pickup. These programs are announced each spring and fall and usually run for about 4 – 6 weeks. Loosely bundled branches (no longer than 1 meter) will also be picked up curbside. Compost can also be taken to the compost site, located on Hurrell Road (across from the cemetery) year round.

Household Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Waste, Appliances, Electronics, Construction & Demolition, Tires, etc.
Residents of Neepawa can take all electronic, household, hazardous waste, recycling, construction and demo waste directly to Evergreen Environmental Technologies (link to their site Evergreen is located 9 miles West of Neepawa-Hwy 16 and 3 miles south on road 466.

Garbage Dump (Evergreen Landfill)

If you are over your three bag limit on garbage day or doing extra leaning – you can take your household waste directly to the Landfill yourself!

  • Taking your regular household waste to the dump is FREE, quick and easy!
  • You can bring large waste items such as furniture, mattresses etc to the dump.
  • The facility contains a landfill area, recyclables collection area, a pesticide container collection depot, an area for tires, household hazardous waste, wood, scrap metals and a Soil Farm.
  • There will be no on-site burning conducted and no disposal of biomedical waste, commercial hazardous waste, liquid waste or livestock.

Directions to the Dump – Watch for Blue Highway Sign on #16

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm  Saturday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

(Closed Stat Holidays) Phone: 204-867-7161