Campground Attendant

Required starting early May and ending September 30 (NOTE: The Campground Attendant will be paid starting on the first day of physical employment and ending on the last day of physical employment or September 30, whichever comes first.).

The Attendant will be required to accept reservations, assign lots, collect fees, financial record keeping, general campground cleanliness, bathroom maintenance and other duties as may arise. The period of time required for the attendant may change on short notice subject to public health orders. Please refer to Schedule “A” attached.

It is preferred that the attendant be on site – a full service, pull through lot will be provided to the successful applicant. The Town of Neepawa is willing to accommodate times when the attendant may need to be away, however, those date(s) and time(s) should be provided as far in advance as possible, with a minimum of 48 hours notice required, unless in an emergency situation. Mutually agreeable remuneration to be discussed with the successful applicant.

Résumés will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 26, 2021. Thank you to all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

For more information contact:
Denis Saquet, C.E.T.
Manager of Operations, Town of Neepawa
P.O. Box 339, 275 Hamilton Street Neepawa, MB  R0J 1H0
204-476-7600 |

Schedule “A”

Responsibilities of the Campground Attendant

Reports to:         Manager of Operations / Public Works Supervisor

Position Summary:          Responsible for all aspects of Campground Management/Tourist Booth Operations and to oversee custodial and general maintenance duties of the Lions Riverbend Campground

                                                Operations shall take place in a common building known as the Tourist Booth/Campground Office 500 Broadway Ave, at Lions Riverbend Park

Campground Attendant Responsibilities:

  • Accept reservations, assign lots and collect fees from people camping in the Campground as set by the Town of Neepawa.
  • Financial record keeping and reconciliation to be provided to the Town of Neepawa a minimum of once per week (generally every Monday). Payment by cash, credit card and debit are accepted and are the responsibility of the Attendant.


  • Security for the Campground to ensure people camping and visitors abide by the rules set out. If a problem results and cannot be handled by the Attendant, then the RCMP shall be contacted. It is preferred that the attendant reside in his/her own camper in the space provided north of the Tourist Booth/Campground Office, at no charge.
  • The Attendant shall be responsible for the opening, at 9:00 am, and closing, at 9:00 pm, of the west washrooms located by the Parks Maintenance Building during all weekends and statutory holidays. During weekdays the Attendant shall be responsible for only the closing of the west washrooms at 9:00 pm (by Parks Maintenance Building). Times are approximate and are allowed to vary based on Campground operations.
  • The Attendant shall be responsible for firewood sales at set daily times, to be decided by the Attendant and posted for all patrons to see. The Town shall provide the firewood for sale to a designated secured site.
  • The Attendant shall be responsible for changing the code to the washrooms each week. They should also ensure that the washrooms are not being used by people who are not patrons or guests of the campground.
  • Should a situation arise where the Attendant needs to be away, a suitable replacement will be authorized by the Town of Neepawa. The Attendant must provide, in writing, the dates of which they will be away with a minimum of forty eight (48) hours notice whenever possible.


  • The Attendant shall be responsible for and ensure:
    • That washrooms, including floors, walls, sinks, toilets and showers be cleaned, disinfected and provisioned. The Attendant shall order signage, with the approval of the Manager of Operations stating times which the Campground washrooms are to be closed for cleaning and provisioning, and it is during these times that the majority of the work shall take place.
    • The cleaning and provisioning of the west washrooms on weekends and statutory holidays.
    • The Attendant shall maintain inventory in written form of all supplies necessary and the purchase of all washroom consumables, soaps, disinfectants, light bulbs, and lot signage with the invoices directed to the Town of Neepawa for payment from the place of purchase.
    • To replace burnt out bulbs, tighten loose screws, fix leaking taps and other general maintenance.
    • That grass is cut prior to any lot being rented.
    • To collect garbage from barrels and deposit it in the garbage bins, in bagged form, for Municipal collection
    • The overall cleanliness of the campground and shall pick up any litter blowing around or outside of the garbage cans or bins.
    • The Attendant shall be responsible for the overall appearance of the campground and shall use his\her discretion when people camping bring in an overabundance of belongings that degrades the appearance of the facility
    • The Attendant shall work with the Public Works and Parks Departments in a professional manner.


  • The Attendant shall keep their site in a tidy and respectable manner. This means no accessory buildings or storage buildings without prior approval of the CAO or Manager of Operations.
  • The Attendant shall ensure that all Town of Neepawa By-Laws are followed (example: the Animal Control by-law limiting the number of dogs and cats) and obeyed by themselves as well as patrons of the Campground.
  • The Attendant is responsible for his/her own transportation within the campground. The Town of Neepawa will not provide a golf cart, truck or similar vehicle.
  • The Attendant shall act as an ambassador for the Town of Neepawa and conduct all matters associated with Campground and Tourist Booth Operations in a congenial fashion.
  • The Attendant shall work as the Tourist Booth representative to ensure that information about Neepawa and Area are available. The Attendant must be knowledgeable of Neepawa and area to provide directions, historical information and general information. (An orientation session will be provided if necessary.)
  • The Attendant shall maintain an inventory of brochures and pamphlets as provided by the Town. A selection of Neepawa collectibles may be provided for sale. The Attendant shall maintain such inventory and financial detail of sales, to be submitted with campground financial reporting.

Extra COVID-19 Procedures:

  • The office door handles & debit machine shall be disinfected after each guest has exited.
  • Appropriate PPE will be provided for the Attendant
  • All guests must be asked health screening questions upon arrival.
  • Only residents of Manitoba will be permitted at the campground until such time as Public Health Orders deem travel outside of Manitoba safe. Valid ID must be provided. Exceptions apply to guests deemed essential service workers.
  • Only guests of Riverbend Campground will be permitted to use the sewage dump and potable water faucet located by the south side exit.
  • Wood sales must be pre-arranged and paid for upon check-in to avoid additional visits to the office. Wood must be delivered accordance with arrangements made with each guest.
  • Cash payment to be avoided as much as possible.


Town of Neepawa  Responsibilities:

  • The supply of all equipment and materials necessary to maintain the campground in excellent condition, hose and nozzle, mops, rags, toilet brushes, soap and disinfectants.
  • Moving personal items at campsites to facilitate mowing or trimming.
  • The cleaning and provisioning of the west washrooms (by Parks Maintenance Building) with the exception of weekends where it will be the responsibility of the Attendant.
  • For maintaining the campground utilities in good operational condition.
  • The installation of all lot signage throughout the Campground.
  • Appropriate training of financial requirements/reporting and any other required training.