Standing Forage Rental Agreement

The Town of Neepawa is accepting a sealed tender bid for the five (5) year rental of the following standing forage land parcels within the Town of Neepawa:
Parcel 1 ‐ SE 34‐14‐15 (Industrial Park area) estimated 54 acres
Parcel 2 ‐ SE 31‐14‐15 (Airport hay land) estimated 52.4 acres
*Both parcels are subject to possible industrial expansion.
**Interested parties may make arrangements to view the properties prior to submitting a tender.
***This is one agreement inclusive of both parcels. The successful bid will be based on an overall average price per acre for both parcels.
Drawings of the parcels, bid forms and copies of the agreement can be found by clicking here or picked up at the municipal office.
Sealed tenders will be accepted at the Municipal Office, until 4:00 p.m. October 31, 2018.

Denis Saquet, C.E.T.
Manager of Operations
Town of Neepawa
Box 339, 275 Hamilton Street
Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0