Hazel M. Kellington Elementary School

Schools in Neepawa

Tschoolhe Town of Neepawa is located within the Beautiful Plains School Division and has two schools – Kindergarten to Grade 5 at Hazel M Kellington School and Grades 6 to 12 at Neepawa & Area Collegiate Institute. Children aged 3 and 4 may choose to attend Neepawa Nursery School.

Hazel M. Kellington Elementary School (named after a long time teacher)  continues to be a kindergarten through grade 6 school serving the needs of Neepawa and area students and th4268832eir families. In the last 25 years, HMK’s enrolment has been as high as 433, and as low as 353. Class sizes vary over the years (the largest class that can be remembered in the last 25 years is 35 students in a grade 6 class), but overall, class size trends have been towards smaller numbers as the student/teacher ratio has seen small reductions by the Board over the years.

Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute has about 500 students. Neepawa Collegiate is a 7-12 school located in Neepawa, Manitoba in the Beautiful Plains School Division.
NACI Mission Statement

“NACI is committed to providing a caring and cooperative environment which facilitates the growth and development of young people, who will be adaptive lifelong learners able to function in a world of technological change.”

Assiniboine Community College holds classes in Neepawa and offers various post-secondary courses. Assiniboine Community Colleg Neepawa Area Collegiate Institute e (ACC) has been providing exceptional learning experiences for over 55 years. For staff and students alike, ACC offers unparalleled learning environments and responds well to the demands and requirements of the Manitoba labour market. Instructors follow the philosophy of ‘learn by doing’, combining theory with hands-on learning inside classrooms, labs, kitchens, shops, fields and the college’s Sustainable Greenhouse. ACC is an accredited college with the Government of Manitoba.

Westlake Employment Services offers various training opportunities to enable residents to re-enter the work force.

Touchwood Park Association has services available to help mentally challenged students live independently.

The Neepawa Nursery School teaches 3 and 4-year-old children. Neepawa is part of the Beautiful Plains School Division. Children aged 3 and 4 may choose to attend Neepawa Nursery School.