The Town of Neepawa receives fire protection from our skilled volunteer department.

Fire Chief: Yves Guillas
Members: Merv Kuharski, Jason Hartle, Orv Grant, John Douglas, Scott Gibson, Mike Spiess, Tim Speiss, Dwayne Gardy, Terry Speiss, Rob Filipchuk, Derrik McGorman, Ashley Rossnagel, Craig Unger, Eric Dyck, Bert Dewit, Ronald Santos, Aaron VandenBusch, Kyle Kostenchuck, Curtis Carrigan, Jarred Filipchuk, Mike Strelczik, Brad Wilson, Luke Moyer, Eric Kasprick.

Besides responding to emergencies, the fire department takes part in many controlled burns throughout the year and utilize these as part of their practice opportunities.

Controlled burns are a regular occurrence and public notification is NOT given to avoid onlookers and control public safety. The Town of Neepawa has an emergency plan in place and should public notification be required the emergency plan will be activated. If you see an emergency vehicle on site, please remain calm and avoid the immediate area.

Should your safety be in jeopardy, you will be notified of the appropriate actions to be taken.