NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Subsection 290(2) of The Municipal Act that the Council of the Town of Neepawa has scheduled a public hearing at the Municipal Office, located at 275 Hamilton Street, in the Town of Neepawa, in Manitoba, on Tuesday the 17th day of October 2017, at the hour of 7:05 p.m. to consider a By-Law for the following purpose:

To close as a Public Road or Highway the following:

All those portions of Cameron Street contained within the limits of parcels A, B, E, F and G, all inclusive, shown on a plan of survey of part of SE ¼ of Section 33-14-15 WPM, being Lots 17 to 25, both inclusive, Block 135 and Part Cameron Street, Plan 256 WLTO prepared by Timothy William Longstaff, MLS, and on deposit in the NLTO as 0410-2014.

To convey title of the above mentioned portions of Cameron Street, once closed, to Foresight Real Estate Ltd.

NOTICE is further given that a copy of the proposed By-Law is on file in the office of the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Neepawa, at the Municipal Office at 275 Hamilton Street in the Town of Neepawa, in Manitoba and on the municipal website at

NOTICE is further given that during the public hearing the Council of the Town of Neepawa will allow any interested person to make representation, ask questions or register an objection.

Dated at the Town of Neepawa this 5th day of September A.D. 2017.

Colleen Synchyshyn, C.M.M.A.
Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Neepawa
PH: 204-476-7603,