Regarding Local Improvement Plan 1/18 – By-Law No 3185-19

The Council of the Town of Neepawa has scheduled a public hearing to be held in the Council Chambers of the Town Office (275 Hamilton Street) on April 16 2019 at 6:30 pm to present the following local improvement plan:


The Town of Neepawa is currently pursuing the expansion and upgrading of the lagoon system to accommodate community growth and increase resiliency for the future of residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Phase 1 of the lagoon is underway and includes the rehabilitation of first secondary lagoon cell with a new clay liner and berms as well as the building to house the technology. Funding for Phase 1 is already in place by way of existing reserves and provincial and federal grants.

Phase 2, to which this expenditure and borrowing pertains, includes the implementation of the full MBBR system, the decommissioning of the primary and secondary cell (which includes sledge removal, conversion to storm water retention and compost), installation of the aeration systems in the reformatted cell, and the addition of the UV components for wastewater treatment.

The total cost of Phase II is projected to be $5,000,000.00. The Town has identified and is pursuing 3 possible funding sources for this project (Manitoba Water Services Board, the new Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program and Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund). Council is seeking borrowing authority of up to $5,000,000.00. However, Council will not proceed with this Phase II, unless one or more of the above mentioned grants is received, which would reduce the amount to be borrowed. $5,000,000.00 borrowed over a 15-year period at an estimated interest rate of 5.25% results in annual payment of $489,885.74.  The local improvement taxes to be levied under this proposal are to be calculated on the portioned value of all assessable property in the Town of Neepawa, encompassing all taxable, grant-in-lieu and otherwise exempt properties within the Town of Neepawa, by way of a mill rate. Per the 2019 Preliminary Assessment Roll ($489,885.74 / 208,078,190), a mill rate of 2.354 mills will be required.  Calculated on a residential property valued at $100,000 (portioned $45,000) an estimated $105.93 local improvement tax will be levied annually for 15 years.

The annual maintenance costs associated with the local improvement proposed herein will be covered under the annual Utility Budget of the Town of Neepawa with associated sewage rates subject to PUB approval.

A written objection may be filed with the Chief Administrative Officer, at 275 Hamilton Street prior to the commencement of the hearing. At the hearing, Council will hear any potential taxpayer who wished to make a presentation, ask questions or register an objection to the local improvement plan.

All objections, written or verbal, must be filed prior to the adjournment of the hearing and must include the name, address and property description of the person filing the objection, and the grounds of their objection.

Copies of the local improvement plan are available at the Town Office or @

Dated at the Town of Neepawa this 19th day of March A.D. 2019, and issued pursuant to Section 318 of the Municipal Act.

Colleen Synchyshyn, CMMA
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Neepawa