2018 Municipal Election Results

Further to the Municipal Councils and School Boards Elections Act – C.C.S.M.c.M257, Section 117, I, Colleen Synchyshyn, Senior Election Official for the Town of Neepawa hereby declare the following election results:

For the position of Mayor:

Candidate                           # of Votes
De Groot, Adrian                  283
McCutcheon, Blake        952 Elected

For the position of Councillor:

Candidate                           # of Votes
Cameron, Darryn                   507
Cockburn, Jim                        411
Dietrich, Dean                         347
Gerrard, Darryl                 812 Elected
Hedley, Brian                    900 Elected
Jarema, Isobel                        469
Kostenchuk, Marijka      633 Elected
Nadeau, Jason                  681 Elected
Parrott, Murray                775 Elected
Pudlo, Darren                    795 Elected
Syrik, Bill                                 212

Dated at the Town of Neepawa, MB, this 25th day of October, 2018
Colleen Synchyshyn, C.M.M.A.
Senior Election Official
Box 339, 275 Hamilton St., Neepawa, MB R0H 1H0
Ph (204) 476-7603, Fax (204) 476-7624
neepawacao@wcgwave.ca |  www.neepawa.ca